Rtanjski dvori




In the village of Ilino (Boljevac Municipality), under Rtanj Mountain, the brand new Rtanjski dvori Ethno Complex, owned by Dusan Milisavljevic, shines like a star.

Due to the proximity of the famous mountain and the thundery surroundings, the village used to be dedicated to the Slavic God Perun, but with the arrival of Christianity, its name was changed to honour St Elijah the Thunderer. The village is also known for the memorial museum dedicated to the famous Serbian sculptress Ljubinka Savić Grasi (1922-1999), which is always open for visitors, as well as the International Old Trades School (which is currently preparing to take in its first students).

Boljevac can be reached by an excellent road from Paraćin (36 km) to Zajecar. If you take the road from Boljevac to Sokobanja Spa, after about 4 km you will reach Ilino. From both directions, you will arrive at the colourful village and the spring Viline vode, whose water is said to have various healing properties, discovered in 1455, which is towered by a stupendous complex of 6 buildings scattered around an always sun-drenched property, which are intended for tourists, but also have cultural and artistic programmes to offer. The complex is built in the traditional Serbian architectural style combined with the authentic and original approach of the owner himself. All facilities are built of stone and wood, but are furnished in state-of-the-art manner, yet retaining the taste of old interiors and atmosphere.

The interior is filled with select traditional folk items and applied art objects, as well as with the works of the most important Serbian painters and sculptors of the XX century. One of the facilities is called the Museum (under construction), and its purpose quite in accordance with its name. The complex is dominated by the Tower, built in the traditional style,  but with fantastic overtones, so it is the favourite spot of children and youth. The largest facility is called the Stage and is intended for chamber concertos, sessions, artist colonies, guest mingling, common dinners, etc.

In the vicinity of the complex, in the very centre of the village, a traditional folk restaurant is getting the final touches – the so-called „mehana“, which open its doors by mid-April.

From the property, one can easily reach the foot of the magnificent and magical Rtanj, which is only 4.5 km away, but you can also quickly and easily reach Sokobanja Spa (24 km), Gamzigrad Spa (20 km), or Borsko Lake. About 30-minute drive away, the renowned Roman imperial palace Felix Romuliana is situated (beginning of IV century), about 11 km away from Rtanjski Dvori, Bogovinska Cave is located, and its surroundings are interspersed with famed mediaeval monasteries, rivulets, clear brooks, willowy landscapes, wildflower meadows and fields, which all give you opportunities to go for various trips organized by the Rtanjski Dvori Ethno Complex.

The owner’s exquisite taste proven numerous times through the great works of his Saint Nicholas Art Workshop in Belgrade, and obvious in each and every detail of this building, most enjoyable accommodation, fairy-tale landscapes, the proximity of Rtanj, healing waters, lush flora and fauna, and superior national cuisine guarantee that each guest or visitor will have an unforgettable experience to be remembered and retold.


Contact:  Dušan Milisavljević

Phone: 063/300-230:   065/300-2303

E-mail: milisavljevicdusan@gmail.com