The ethno complex for tourist accommodation "Rtanjski dvori" with a restaurant has been operating since the spring of 2018.

It was built by Protomajstor Dušan Milisavljević, who designs and equips Orthodox temples around the world and in Serbia. Only two types of materials were used for the construction of the Palace, stone and wood.

Houses and apartments are equipped with fireplaces, antique furniture, art paintings by famous Serbian artists, air conditioners, etc.

Prošlo je pet godina rada i druženja sa gostima, iz mnogih stranih zemalja, kao i sa domaćim gostima iz mnogih gradova naše otadžbine.

Beautiful gatherings, lasting acquaintances and friendships. Many come to visit several times a year, which means that "Rtanjski dvori" is a particularly energetic place, with a source of medicinal water, which cures stones in the kidney and gall, and detoxifies the body. The average rating on booking is 9.8, ie never below that figure.

The restaurant makes a special story. A building from the year 1900, decorated in the interior of the Mehana, where home-made dishes are served, of top quality, which is talked about not far away.

We love our guests and that energy is exchanged for mutual satisfaction.

If you come to our accommodation, you will feel all the charms of Rtanj, various picnic spots, the proximity of Soko Banja and many beauties of our Serbia. 


Your hosts
Smilja i Dusan Milisavljevic